Alerts List
AL2024_02 New critical Linux vulnerability affects major distributions. (February 6, 2024) 
Description   Recently, an alarming security vulnerability was discovered in the widely used GNU C library (glibc), which exists in most major Linux v . . . Read more

Date Publish: Feb 27th 24
AL2024_01 Certification Scams (January 10, 2024)
Description   In an era where professional certifications play a pivotal role in career advancement and industry recognition, the emergence of certifi . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jan 10th 24
AL2023_65 Researchers from ESET found a cyberespionage operation against a Guyana government organization (Oc
Description Cybersecurity researchers from ESET uncovered a sophisticated cyberespionage campaign named “Operation Jacana” targeting a gov . . . Read more

Date Publish: Oct 10th 23
AL2023_64 New SprySOCKS malware targets Linux devices in recent Cyber Espionage attacks (September 21, 2023)
Description A new Linux backdoor called “SprySOCKS” has raised significant concerns. This sophisticated malware is believed to be the work . . . Read more

Date Publish: Sep 21st 23
AL2023_63 New phishing campaign utilizes EvilProxy to target Microsoft 365 users (August 22, 2023)
Description A recent phishing campaign was observed utilizing the EvilProxy phishing tool to hijack Microsoft 365 accounts of high-level personnels at . . . Read more

Date Publish: Aug 22nd 23
AL2023_62 Citrix ShareFile vulnerability deemed critical by CISA and exploited in the wild (21st August 2023)
Description A major Citrix ShareFile secure file transfer vulnerability, identified as CVE-2023-24489, is being targeted by unknown actors, according . . . Read more

Date Publish: Aug 21st 23
AL2023_61 Threat actors abuse Google AMP for evasive phishing attacks (August 10, 2023)
Description Security researchers have issued a warning about an increase in phishing activity exploiting Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to by . . . Read more

Date Publish: Aug 10th 23
AL2023_60 Using OCR, new Android spyware steals login information from photos.(2ndAugust 2023)
Description   On Google Play, two new Android malware families called “CherryBlos” and “FakeTrade” were identified, with the i . . . Read more

Date Publish: Aug 2nd 23
AL2023_59 FIN8 deploys ALPHV ransomware using Sardonic malware variant (July 20, 2023)
Description   A financially motivated cybercriminal group known as FIN8 (aka Syssphinx) has recently been observed using a new variant of the Sardonic . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jul 20th 23
AL2023_58 USB drive malware attacks spiking again in the first half of 2023 (July 19, 2023)
Description There has been a resurgence of an old technique, as researchers have observed a significant threefold increase in malware distributed th . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jul 19th 23
AL2023_57 BlackCat ransomware uses new malvertising technique to infect devices (July 12, 2023)
Description   The BlackCat ransomware group (ALPHAV) was seen utilizing malvertising campaigns to lure targets and compromise their devices with malwa . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jul 12th 23
AL2023_56 300,000+ Fortinet firewalls vulnerable to critical FortiOS RCE bug (July 06, 2023)
Description A significant security issue, identified as CVE-2023-27997, has left hundreds of thousands of FortiGate firewalls vulnerable, even after . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jul 6th 23