About the Team

CIRT.GY is the public brand of the Guyana National Computer Incident Response Team (GNCIRT). The Government of Guyana approved the formation of this team in a January 2013 cabinet decision. Subsequent to this approval, four members of staff were recruited on August 2, 2013.

The team initially functioned as a unit within the Ministry of Home Affairs until September 30, 2016. Guyana National CIRT is now under the purview of the National Data Management Authority (NDMA) within the Office of the Prime Minister. Just as firefighters in the real world focus on extinguishing fires and not pursuing or prosecuting arsonists, CIRT.GY functions as digital firefighters. They are NOT law enforcement, nor an intelligence gathering agency.

Roles of the Team

While the primary role of CIRT.GY is to provide computer incident management, it also serves in the following roles:

  • National point of contact on cybersecurity issues for international agencies and the Government of Guyana
  • Development of incident management capabilities within the nation
  • Provision of Incident Management technical expertise
  • Promotion of cybersecurity issues and awareness nationally
  • Support domestic, regional and international collaboration with other agencies on issues related to cybersecurity
Work of the Team
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  1. Information Dissemination
    Information Dissemination Information dissemination relies on CIRT.GY being a trusted source of cybersecurity practices and trends. The unit reviews trusted information and presents the relevant details to the public.

  2. Incident Management
    Incident management is a reactive service that focuses on providing tangible assistance in responding to cybersecurity incidents. The unit therefore performs incident handling functions whenever possible. These functions include Incident Analysis, Response Support and Coordination.
  3. Coordination
    Collaboration with international organisations is an essential part of the work of CIRT.GY. This includes the formation of partnerships to assist in strengthening cybersecurity globally and involves participation in the OAS/CICTE network of CIRTs.